Veeraphon Charoensiriwat 2019 : Factors Affecting Taxi Loan Approval. Master of Engineering (Industrial Engineering), Major Field: Engineering Management, Department of Engineering. Advisor: Miss Naraphorn Paoprasert, Ph.D. 58 pages.

Nowadays, there are many factors that affect credit approval. Especially taxi drivers with unstable income There are also other factors affecting income, such as social factors, car factors, financial factors, etc., combined with the current transportation, public transport is very important and there will be more and more in the future. Which is reflected in the government's policy that encourages people to travel by public transport vehicles but people are still not satisfied with the quality of service This independent studyaimsto study the factors that affect the income of the taxi driver so that the taxi driver can access the funding source in order to develop their cars to develop the ability to provide servicesand the benefit of financial institutions for lending for taxi drivers by using multiple liner regression with stepwise method to create the model to predict level of income of taxi drive The result the key factor that effect to level of income of taxi driver is debt payment per month