Our doctoral program prepares students for the rigorous demands of developing and implementing effective operational and management systems and for careers in research and development or academia. Our doctorate program is unique since qualified students have an option to study abroad (Joint Doctoral Programs) at our partner universities.

The emphasis of the doctorate study is on research. Currently, there are three core research areas:

  • Operations Research
  • Quality and Systems Engineering
  • Manufacturing and Production Systems

within a common framework of 52 credit hours of coursework and research. Students are expected to make a selection of research area when they first enroll in the program. Note that each research area requires different elective courses.

Degree Requirements

The graduation requirements from our doctorate-degree programs are as follows.

1. Completion of required credit hours for both course work and research/project work (according to the program chosen)
2. Completion of the dissertation (research work)
3. Publication requirements:

at least one journal article in Thai
at least one journal article in English
at least one presentation in a national conference
at least one presentation in a international conference


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